New data, new graphics

Just posted new projections on the Data Warehouse. Also, we’re posting a new graphic on that same page with updated data every time we update projections, so the graphic will always represent the latest projections we have.

The actual web app is almost done! The backend is ready and we’re just polishing the interface. With this tool, you’ll be able to interact with our projections without having to download them and extract basic data summaries over selected geographic extents.

The Art of Range Podcast Episode

Matt Reeves, the researcher behind the Rangeland Production Monitoring Service (RPMS), just did an interview on The Art of Range, a podcast produced by Washington State University. In this episode, Matt talks about his history and motivations for studying rangelands, and the usefulness and abilities of the Rangeland Production Monitoring Service. Get the episode here.

Also, we updated our RPMS projections using new data. Find the new projections here.

2019 Rangeland Production Estimates Begin

We’re releasing early estimates of rangeland fuel loads for 2019. We streamlined our data pipeline over the winter and will be releasing weekly updates to our estimate using the latest precipitation, EDDI, and NDVI data. We also have a web map interface in the works for online viewing of data, so stay tuned. Talk to Matt at for more information, and get the data on the data page.

First Release

Society for Range Management just released the first mention of the Rangeland Productivity Monitoring Service.  See the article here.  We've been working hard on this tool and will be updating our projections on a biweekly basis. We're really excited to finally put our data out there for you to use!