RPMS Projections


Projecting Rangeland Fuels

Using current climate, drought monitor, and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data we are making in-season projections of annual production for rangelands. This includes a target production value (annual production in pounds per acre), projected date of peak of season, and a 95% prediction interval for these projections.

Our two main products are the projected annual production in pounds per acre and the estimated date range of the peak of the growing season. The projected day of year (and corresponding lower and upper estimates) represents the ordinal day of the year, where January 1st = 1, February 1st = 32, etc.

As we expand into multiple regions, eventually into the entire US, we’ll be updating our delivery system to make our products more accessible. In the mean time, find direct downloads to current projections on the using the buttons here.

For questions please email Matt Reeves at: mreeves@fs.fed.us.